Attorney to Perjuring Priest Bob Malm, Lying Sack of Scum

Wayne Cyron is an attorney based in Alexandria Virginia. Close to retirement, Wayne does real estate, general litigation, and a smattering of other work.

On or about 2020, Wayne began representing perjuring Episcopal priest Bob Malm. In doing so, Wayne repeatedly attempted to defend Malm’s perjury before the courts, including Malm’s claim, made in writing under oath, that my mother, then terminally ill, or someone claiming to be her, repeatedly set up appointments with him, only to no-show.

Subsequently, Malm committed perjury in the Massachusetts courts, claiming that he didn’t commit perjury on the basis that he didn’t even know Mom’s name. Yet the original perjury in question expressly referenced Mom by name. On top of that Mom had, much before that, filed a clergy disciplinary complaint against Bob Malm. Are we really supposed to believe that perjuring priest Bob Malm didn’t know Mom’s name?

Moreover, Cyron engaged in a variety of other questionable activities, including proferring a fabricated claim to the Alexandria Circuit Court that I blogged under the names of various siblings. As I informed Cyron in writing, I have no siblings, for my only brother died many years ago.

At one point, Wayne even permitted his law clerk to file pleadings under his own name, thus engaging in the unauthorized practice of law.

These issues are violations of disciplinary Rule 3.3, Candor to the Tribunal, which forbid offering knowingly false information, and requiring remedial steps if a client does, in fact, offer such testimony.

As a result, I sent Wayne the following demand letter:

Attorney Wayne Cyron
Attorney Wayne Cyron


Knowing Wayne, I will not get a response, so later today I likely will have to file a disciplinary complaint against him.

Of course, that raises the question: Attorneys in our legal system are officers of the court. And while everyone deserves representation, that comes with strings attached, including attorneys NOT being permitted to knowingly offer false testimony.

Would you want an attorney who allows his client to commit perjury and refuses to correct the situation?

Not me.

In the meantime, good Catholic that Wayne is, sounds like he needs to set up an appointment for his next confession. Could be a multi-day event.


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